Clearfield Community Church was formed in 1945 by a group of individuals whose personal experience drew them together for worship, instruction, service, and fellowship.

At the outbreak of World War II, Hill Field and the Naval Depot were established in Clearfield, Utah. Almost overnight, a small town of 750 people grew to a town of over 6,000. Many of these newcomers were Protestants in search of a home church. Their search, however, was a difficult one because there were no churches in the valley between Ogden and Salt Lake City. In response to this need, the United Christian Ministry of the Intermountain Conference of Evangelical Churches (Methodist, Baptist, Christian, Congregational, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Evangelical Reform, and Lutheran) appointed Dr. Rollo Speer to conduct Sunday School and worship in the North Davis – South Ogden area.

The first of these groups was the Clearfield group which met for Sunday School in the North Davis Junior High School cafeteria each Sunday. On December 6, 1945 the Clearfield Community Church was formed. This new church would be specifically Baptist and intentionally ecumenical. The constitution, a combination of the best features of all denominations, was read, approved, and the church was officially established.

The first building was dedicated on October 3, 1948. Since that time several changes and additions have been made. Tragically, on March 19, 2013, there was a fire which burned down much of the church building (due to an old computer that caught fire). Gratefully, no one was hurt. The new building, a modern, contemporary-looking facility, was re-dedicated on September 7, 2014. We are excited to see the future God has for our church in the twenty-first century!