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About Us

The Clearfield Community Church welcomes all who seek and accept Christ as Savior and Lord and involves people of a variety of Christian backgrounds. The word “community” implies a non-sectarian congregational concept. The word also points to a style of relationship in which many Christian backgrounds are accepted and affirmed, forming one body, one spirit and one hope through fellowship in Christ.

The Clearfield Community Church is an active member of the Community Churches of Utah. Our official denominational affiliation is with American Baptist Churches, USA whose national offices are in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. We are part of the ABC Northwest Region which has its headquarters in Post Falls, Idaho. While we are affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, it is not necessary to become a Baptist to join…just an active faith in Jesus Christ.

While the church acknowledges there are many modes of baptism in the Christian family such as immersion, pouring, sprinkling…we encourage persons who become Christ-followers to then be baptized as believers. This pattern is that which we have observed in the New Testament. Persons who have proclaimed their faith in Christ as Savior and Lord and wish to join the Clearfield Community Church are welcomed and encouraged to join our fellowship by transfer of membership or statement of faith.

Opportunities are also provided for receiving communion in a variety of ways.  We encourage persons to become Christ-followers through a personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ.  We offer Sunday School, small groups for discipleship plus fellowship and Bible Study opportunities for all ages groups. Please check the website or call the Church Office for meeting times and locations.

You are invited to join us in fulfilling your relationship to Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and growing with us in faithfulness.

Visitors are always welcome and encouraged to dress comfortably.

If you would like more information, contact the church office. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.



Pastor John has served as Pastor since November, 2008.  He hails from Indiana where his family goes back six generations.  John was born again at age eleven and baptized at his home church, Unity, in Brown County, Indiana.  While a university student, God called John to become a minister.  He has served as a Youth Minister, Christian Education Minister, Associate Pastor, and Senior Pastor of a multi-staff congregation.

Pastor Parsley holds two earned academic degrees.  He graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1978 with the Bachelor of Arts in English and Religion.  His training for ministry was at the Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky where he completed his Master of Divinity work in 1981.  He was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1980.
Susie & John are parents to two adult sons, Jason and Rob, who are both married and living in Indiana.  Susie is a piano instructor, church musician, and a staff accompanist at the university level.  The Parsley’s celebrate their growing stack of pictures of grandchildren…want to see them, just ask.
The Parsley’s love the arts, dining out, and serving with the Lord and the Lord’s people.  Pastor John is an avid hiker, biker, & runner.  He also enjoys reading, basketball, and baseball.  Susie is a great cook, talented in worship planning, and an educator.
Pastor John says:  “Clearfield Community Church is a lively fellowship of Christians seeking to follow Christ’s teaching in the Bible.  We welcome all persons to join us in the journey of Christian faith and service to God and people.  Our Mission is founded in the Biblical texts–especially Jesus’ words ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself.'”  Mark 12:30-31


Our Church Secretary is Cathy Nichols. She has a wonderfully supportive husband and four grown daughters. She has held the position since 2003 and sincerely loves her job. She loves to talk with and help people. If you need something just call or stop by, and she will gladly see if she can help you out.




Clearfield Community Church was formed in 1945 by a group of individuals whose personal experience drew them together for worship, instruction, service, and fellowship.

At the outbreak of World War II, Hill Field and the Naval Depot were established in Clearfield, Utah. Almost overnight, a small town of 750 people grew to a town of over 6,000. Many of these newcomers were Protestants in search of a home church. Their search, however, was a difficult one because there were no churches in the valley between Ogden and Salt Lake City. In response to this need, the United Christian Ministry of the Intermountain Conference of Evangelical Churches (Methodist, Baptist, Christian, Congregational, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Evangelical Reform, and Lutheran) appointed Dr. Rollo Speer to conduct Sunday School and worship in the North Davis – South Ogden area.

The first of these groups was the Clearfield group which met for Sunday School in the North Davis Junior High School cafeteria each Sunday. On December 6, 1945 the Clearfield Community Church was formed. This new church would be specifically Baptist and intentionally ecumenical. The constitution, a combination of the best features of all denominations, was read, approved, and the church was officially established.

The first building was dedicated on October 3, 1948. Since that time several changes and additions have been made. Throughout the years, the Clearfield Community Church has continued to grow and strengthen its ecumenical character.

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